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The Endless River

50-190cm Huge Cute Goose Plush Toys

50-190cm Huge Cute Goose Plush Toys

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Excellent Stress Reliever: Hugging or cuddling the enormous plush grey goose, which represents purity, beauty, and safety, can help you completely release stress and quickly enter a peaceful, joyful moment after a demanding day at work.

It can also serve as a flexible support pillow for your neck, arm, leg, and back to soothe discomfort; This cosy geese can be positioned anyway you like—in your preferred chair, corner, bed, or sofa.

A Big Present For The People You Care About: Gift this to your partner, children, spouse or spouse, grandmother or grandfather; Perfect for a big surprise on Christmas Day, a birthday or any day for that matter. 

Colour: White

Style: Kawaii

Animal: Goose/Duck

Fabric feel: Soft plush

Size: 50cm/90cm/130cm/160/190cm

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